Love Is In The Air

1 Season 3 Episode

You Knock on My Door (3)

With their engagement party underway, Serkan Bolat and Eda Yildiz are officially engaged… Of course, this news drops like a bomb in society; everyone is interested in this Eda girl that locked down THE Serkan Bolat. They are wondering; what kind of person is she? What’s her job? What school did she graduate from? Eda feels alienated in her new flashy world built around a lie. All Serkan on the other hand thinks about is his company as he believes Kaan Karadağ is up to something real shady. While everyone is hounding Eda, will Serkan compromise his Bolat ways and be there for Eda? Or is he going to break Eda’s heart by saying she should stop being dramatic, it’s all a game?


Love Is In The Air 1×37
Love Is In The Air 1×37

General information

Episode TitleYou Knock on My Door (3)
Air date2020-07-22

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