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1 x 10

Episode 10

A birthday celebration for Maya and Mo hides an inner tension as Mo grapples with a life decision that threatens to destabilise his friends and family.

Episode 10 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 9

Episode 9

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, Kate pulls away from her family and reconnects with her friends – although some relationships are in the firing line.

Episode 9 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 8

Episode 8

An unexpected fling prompts a furious reaction from Kate, before a change in circumstance quickly turns things sinister.

Episode 8 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 7

Episode 7

Adela, Alan and Ioane each embark on big life milestones, while an English assignment forces Bowie’s students to get more in touch with their poetic side.

Episode 7 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 6

Episode 6

An urban exploration brings two friends closer beneath the city, while a night out above ground prompts honest conversations between both teens and adults alike.

Episode 6 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 5

Episode 5

As the Haleem household prepares for an eagerly awaited visitor, the Jubilee football team gears up for its first game back since the tragedy.

Episode 5 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 4

Episode 4

Priya grapples with a potentially life-changing revelation before an art launch brings the gang together, reuniting Kate with an estranged member of her family.

Episode 4 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 3

Episode 3

A shift in the cosmos blows a chaotic energy through the rest of the group, interfering with relationships and bringing tension to boiling point.

Episode 3 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 2

Episode 2

The school community pulls together in the wake of a tragic event, as friendships are threatened by competing perspectives on what happened.

Episode 2 2023-06-09

Year Of

1 x 1

Episode 1

A Year 12 house party is the social event of the year for the Year 11s at Jubilee High, until an unexpected disruption sends the whole evening awry.

Episode 1 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 10

Yipee Ki-Hate, Motherf**ker

At the office holiday party, the Hate Department shows up uninvited. Can Rochelle be the hero her friends need, or will her passion for hate "Die Hard"?

Yipee Ki-Hate, Motherf**ker 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 9

On the Daughterfront

Paul asks Sarah to pack up her childhood bedroom, but the old house brings up painful memories. Montel tours potential colleges with their parents.

On the Daughterfront 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 8

Pity Party

Ambition Gremlin Petra helps a young client advocate for himself. Lionel throws a party to compete with Mona. Alice attends a dinner party to see Dev.

Pity Party 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 7

Tony: The Life of an Office Cold

When a cold spreads around the office, nearly all the employees get sick. But will those infected stay home and stop the spread... or continue working?

Tony: The Life of an Office Cold 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 6

Paul Me By Your Name

Walter's boyfriend Simon moves in. Paul feels conflicted about dating after his wife's death. Emmy visits the Memory Bank to dig into Sarah's mom issues.

Paul Me By Your Name 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 5

Rochelle, Rochelle

After Pete shares his feelings with Rochelle, Rochelle must decide if she's a Lovebug or a Hate Worm — but her decision may have ripple effects.

Rochelle, Rochelle 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 4

A League of Their Hormone

The Shame Wizards play an office softball game against the Hormone Monsters. Emmy oversteps with Sarah — and Van. Rochelle and Pete finally connect.

A League of Their Hormone 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 3

Total RePaul

Dante's severed appendage haunts Pete. Lovebug Walter takes a widowed client on a couples' trip. Gil and Joe exterminate Emmy's crabs — for a bagel.

Total RePaul 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 2

The Tell-Tale Dick

Gavin's identical twin brother, Guyvin, unsettles Lionel the Shame Wizard. Logic Rock Pete wants to tell Rochelle how he feels. Hope comes for a visit.

The Tell-Tale Dick 2023-06-09

Human Resources

2 x 1

The Jizz Mitzvah

At Montel's coming-of-age ceremony, the young Hormone Monster decides to do things their own way. Lovebug Emmy's new client doesn't believe in love.

The Jizz Mitzvah 2023-06-09

Fear the Walking Dead

8 x 5

More Time Than You Know

The heroes fight the clock and PADRE's forces.

More Time Than You Know 2023-06-11

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal

1 x 7

The Heart of Kings

Unicorn's quest to fix Copernicus leads them into a blood war for control over Edred's homeland.

The Heart of Kings 2023-06-09


1 x 4

Episode 4

While Dulcie and Cath’s relationship hits a very rough patch, new suspects are named and dismissed, but it’s Eddie’s slip up at a press conference that really makes an impact

Episode 4 2023-06-08

City on Fire

1 x 6

Annus Horribilis

The Hamilton-Sweeneys’ twisted past proves crucial to unraveling the truth.

Annus Horribilis 2023-06-01

The Lake

2 x 8

Death on Denial

Justin and Billie trap all the suspects on a pontoon boat to clear his name by exposing the identity of the Boathouse arsonist. Keen to get to the tree planter’s farewell party before Ivy and Forrest leave, Billie agrees to help Justin. Maisy finally accepts her mother’s diganosis and decides to make peace before the summer ends.

Death on Denial 2023-06-08